Wonderlust is number ONE in Women’s Action & Adventure!!

People have been asking how Wonderlust is doing in sales and until now I didn't know. But yay! I can tell you now that Wonderlust in digital is #5430 in Women's Action & Adventure Fiction on Amazon!  Why am I excited about this? Because that's out of the whole world, hello?! And also because it's ranked [...]

I published my novel (myself!) No one published me..

And IDGAF. Here's how.. So what happened in Canngu was that I met a guy in that cafe I always went to, Cinta, and he has an Amazon business and was encouraging me to publish ebooks. At first I was like, “No no, mine are real books”, but then the idea grew on me. I [...]

Travelling in My City

.My artist self. When I stray, Life brings me back. When I become too much in my head, Life brings me back to my body. A car scratch. All people are our teachers. She is. Outside the café window directly in front of me, she sat down and took her laptop out of a bright [...]


These past two years have been some of the most transformative of my life! It started with the crumbling of my life after surgery and radiation, deleting all my YouTube videos accidentally, and led to the epiphany that I had been striving my whole life and just had to be here now. I had no [...]

My Magic Hands

Yesterday I had hypnotherapy for the first time and it was marvellous. My heart spoke, my womb spoke, my throat spoke and my mind spoke. When all were invited to be incorporated, my feet were buzzing, energy moved up my legs, throughout my body and my hands tingled. Magic hands. These words came to me. [...]


On Saturday I went adventuring. I really enjoyed my spontaneous road trip to Fairbridge a few weeks back and I’ve been wanting to go hiking by Serpentine Falls. This was not that trip. This was the recci. I stopped off in Mundijong for a Mrs Macs ricotta and spinach roll, two sauces. Then got back [...]

Return of the Creative Spark

I asked where my creativity had gone and it has returned. I feel the urge to write on both my Wonderlust blog and Mireille Parker site. Be my wonderlusting self. Retro Mi. Shannah’s been so into it that it got me thinking. Now I have no distractions. Now I have all this energy. Yesterday I [...]

Remembering to be Me

Aloha! I’m coming to you today from sunny Lucerne! I’ve got my arse parked on my beach towel, the dampness of the grass seeping through, and I’m hash-tagging outdooroffice all over my brain. Whoa life is good! Firstly, I wanted to say welcome to y’all – the faithful and the new and those just passing [...]

The Recovery (part 2)

After getting that off my chest (see last post), I realised that I didn't feel better. I still felt crap. Now there is definitely a place in my life for feeling emotions besides happiness. I'm totally fine with sadness - enjoy it even - but feeling simply 'crap' and being annoyed with yourself is not [...]

A Confession of Crapness

I have something to admit. I hate the internet sometimes. I hate it like an alcoholic hates drinking. This is not the post I wrote yesterday. I wrote something and then I thought 'should I really?' I felt uninspired and tired. I've got about 8 books I want to read but my mind felt fatigued. [...]

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