Glistening ruby marbles of sweet tartiness, smooth porcelain skin, bloody flesh heart, lip-staining, succulent…

You’d have to be mad not to love cherries.

And what could be more luxurious than a bowl full of cherries right? A whole bowl mom! And then another bowl the next night…and then the next night. A carnival of cherries, a passing parade of  dancers, a string of one night stands. But we could because it was the season and now that’s it’s gone I don’t mind waiting till next year because I feel filled, and complete.

But it was on the way to grand-mother’s house that I discovered a reason to take more walks.


Cool fact about Switzerland #33: If you happen to pass some good farmer’s fruit trees (lusciously burdened we hope), don’t be afraid to step over the rather flimsy electric fence and eat to your stomach’s content. That’s right – you’re allowed to eat from their trees! For FREE!! (But not to collect the fruit and take it home and like, start supplying all your buddies or stocking up for winter or anything silly like that). And if you get a stomach ache, it’s nature’s way of punishing you for being too greedy, as the saying goes.

So we had to eat some cherries…

Satisfied, we continued on our journey, only to find a small hut, empty of people but full of more cherries. This time they were bigger and juicier, the cream of the crop, for sale – but with samples. Just put your money in the tin, take your change, and be on your way…or hang around for some more samples.



Later back at home we ate Cherry Storm… quite simply it’s roasted flour, some cream and sugar whipped up with a bowl of cherries (well, not whipped but stirred and poured over, not as dramatic). And the result is this…Image

To be honest, I prefer my cherries straight up, pure and unadulterated….


Not that I minded a bit of Cherry Storm….and it would have been rude to refuse, like turning down jelly fish at a business lunch in China.

And there’s something so exciting about the name…Cherry Storm!

Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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