So you want to open a small business in Switzerland? The first thing you’ve got to think about are the costs. First, paying your part-time employee 25 francs per hour and then don’t forget to budget in  the cost of your big polyester (I can’t believe it’s not plastic) sausage, croissant, ice-cream, fill in the blank… sorry I don’t know enough about business to carry on in this vein, but let’s get back to what really counts – giant plastic sausage.

It’s not only the 3000 francs of the original buy, but you’ll also have to factor in that drunk people think it’s totally funny to steal such ginormous synthetic food items (more original than street signs and witches hats to be fair). According to a recent newspaper report, a two metre high, ten kilo sausage had gone missing in the night from a local butchers. Police were baffled that no one had been seen fleeing the crime scene with the two-metre sausage under his arm (yes, okay let’s assume it was a guy). The butcher had already had the sausage stolen twice, both times during carnival. C-R-A-Z-Y.

But to be fair, we all have a little fondness for plastic food don’t we? Maybe it reminds us of our childhood . Or that scene from Greece when Danny’s singing about being stranded at the drive-in and that cartoon hot dog is doing tricks on the big screen in the background. Whatever it is, there’s something very animated about person-sized food.

rockin the gipfelli
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Seeing the sights of Luzern…


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My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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