The ultimate goddess
The ultimate goddess

Authors need blogs. I learnt this today from a blog. And so here I am, attempting to find out, “Is there a blog in me?”

For the past four years I have avoided blogs, fearing that they’d inspire that same sense of inadequacy that great books do… and TV specials about the lives of     celebrities …and, if I’m really being honest, even the ‘fiction’ that celebrities write, which go on to become best-sellers…okay I’ll just say it, even Katie Price! And having spent the last four years writing a novel about a blog-writer, I didn’t want to jinx myself or be plagued by the question of why I would be making a pretend blog, when there are so many excellent genuine ones to be had for free.

All that changed earlier this year on one after work outing to Target. As I looked at myself in the unforgiving light of the changing room cubicle, I was shocked at how old and ugly I’d become (and fat). When did this happen?? How long have I been walking around like this?? Is this really what I look like?? All I could see were scars, pimples, enlarged pores, dry sallow skin, wrinkles, grey hair and cellulite. I reassembled myself and fled to the safety and mirrorless world of the Perth City Library. I sought the comfort of words and the certainty of the dewy decibel system.

As usual, a miracle occurred at the library. I found the right book at the right time, just sitting there on a shelf I passed waiting to be put back. This time it was Renée Stephens and her Full-filled. From that moment I felt better and like the book, soon I was filled with hope, new thoughts and methods on how to stuff myself with something other than food. But as usual I kept it to myself.

A few months later I was at a detox centre in Thailand when I heard the sweet song of Jena La Flamme. She was on one of Renee Stephens’s podcasts. I heard her call and flew to her like a homing pigeon. There’s that instant click when I meet a guru-goddess, as if meeting a best friend. Just as I was fantasising about the forbidden fruit of fresh coconut flesh, I was now dreaming of Pleasurable Weight Loss too.

From Jena I was introduced to Rose Cole and from her to Gina DeVee and Tara Marino. Click. I wanted to be an Elegant Femme now too. I’d just met my Guru-goddess number two. A while back I was watching one of Jena’s uploads on how to enjoy desserts and the video was of her and two friends sharing an Earl Grey pudding. One of the friends, a sexy blonde woman with too much confidence not to be a guru-goddess in her own right was having so much fun ooing and aahing, demonstrating the orgasmic pleasures of dessert. She had me. But it was only recently I reconnected with Tonya Leigh and ogled over her French Kiss Life. A woman who gets two professional massages a week – now that’s the kind of queen I could lay down to! You see, it’s like being at a really excellent cocktail party and in the absence of friends here, I’m having the time of my life.

Last Tuesday I came home from work sick and in an effort to avoid falling down the rabbit hole of daytime TV, I chose the path of enlightenment, leaping from one blog to the next until seven hours later I forced myself to go to bed. There’s so much good stuff though. It’s everything I ever wanted to read in a magazine without the ads or the depression that follows. Each blog invites you into the author’s little world, where beauty abounds and observations are free. Each one is different, like snowflakes and human forms. Each one is loving and artful. And I was surprised to find that I was inspired, not envious. And so here I am.

There are as many blogs as stars in the sky, but there is space enough for all of us.

Here are some more stars I have enjoyed…

Question : Who are your guru-goddesses?
Which blogs do you turn to?

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My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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