So hands up, who of y’all out there has an i-phone? (I’ll pretend I can hear more than a pin dropping). So i-phone owners, I’m speaking directly to you when I say…

Do you ever feel like you’re on crack? I mean, this is how I imagine it to be.

So here I go, speaking about crack and i-phones again…

We used to be intelligent, right? We used to have real thoughts and even undisturbed conversation.

Didn’t we?

They say sugar is more addictive than crack and I’m saying i-phones are more addictive than all of it. Buyers beware.

It will turn your thumbs twitchy and reflexively you will reach for it… on the bus, at dinner, over coffee, while waiting, in a dull conversation and even in an interesting one. We used to dream more, didn’t we?

Okay now I sound like that furry cloaked woman at the cafe yesterday,  reading articles to her husband, lamenting over the future before it’s even arrived. They were pissed off about everything.

And I’m not like her.



But sometimes all this checking leaves me feeling empty. I’m searching for something that can’t be found in my phone. Still I check.

See, just like a crack addict picking at scabs.

Of course, I see the abundant beauty in the convenience of the thing. I’ve never been away and stayed so in touch. Ever. But this is the point…

I was in India some years back, had read a book called ‘Holy Cow’ and was ready to bathe in all that India had to offer. I wanted to be Indiacised – full on.

My Indian friend, let’s call him Satheesh, suggested I cut myself off completely from the west in order to fully experience life behind the Masala Curtain. That meant giving up my late afternoon MTV habit and to stop emailing my friends so much. Pfw!

I can’t remember if I took his advice seriously at the time, but I probably thought he was trying to blind and gag me with the old Stockholm Syndrome trick. I was not going down without a fight. My friends were what made me feel normal and MTV was the comfort that kept culture shock at bay. Perhaps.

Now, dear Satheesh, in the light of what I know about life and what not, I think you were making some sense. Because it’s hard to live fully in one world when we have our faces pressed up against the glass of another.

And I’m not just talking about ‘worlds’ as different countries, but as in ‘here’ and ‘there’. It would be fun to just be here for a while. Be here and no where else. Have only one conversation going on. Only one page open at a time. An experiment.

There’s a part of us that’s always here but maybe you can only hear it when you’re really quiet and still. It is here and it is alright and so it will always be.

Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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