It started with a kiss…

Oh how I have suffered from monkey brain this evening!

When I woke up this morning I knew today was the day to write a blog post and I had in my mind to write about new friends. Then the day happened and as usual I kept being pulled to and fro by my monkey brain (aka iPhone). Coming home I had plans, big plans, for super-duper productivity and then some real high-quality relaxing.

What really happened? I drank a coffee with plans to go through some dissertations, then I ate some crackers, while looking at Facebook on my iPhone, then I ate some kolerabli and hummus, then I ate some more hummus and started to feel a little weird, then I tried to upload 2 photos on my exasperatingly slow computer and then I must have gone to the mirror and picked and prodded my face for a bit (okay a while). I tried to come and write something here but somehow ended up watching Rachel McAdam’s audition for the Notebook on Youtube, then their oh so romantic and hot Teen Choice ‘best kiss’ award acceptance kiss, with Ryan Gosling interviews just a hop, skip and a jump away. Finally, I said ‘enough!’ and (after one more stop before the mirror) left my house to go out for that moonlight high quality relaxing walk I had planned since this morning.

I needed to clear my head and drop in.

And it got me thinking about the Summer of Love. You know if you’re going to San Francisco, make sure you wear some flowers in your hair….yes, that summer of LOVE. All those hippies, all that LSD, no phones, no status updates, possessed by the music, dancing to freedom. Those were the days. And I know because I just googled it.

we never knew it would come to this…

But these are modern times, right? Could we ever go back?

I mean, I don’t watch TV much because it makes me feel a little pathetic, like I’m atrophying. Like my brain and whole body are turning to mush. I don’t like just accepting the version of reality that the TV gods are selling. Of course this doesn’t apply to real high quality shows like A Place in the Sun and My Kitchen Rules. But anyway, there are a zillion ways to waste my life besides TV, like I’ve proven tonight. Why can’t I be high quality all the time? Are there people out there who don’t waste time?

Take Gabrielle Bernstein – her latest book May Cause Miracles is on the New York Times best-seller list and this is in part due to all her tweeting, instagramming, v-logging and general self-promotory book-flogging.  But at the same time she is a spiritual guru who has been training to be a Kundalini yoga teacher and teaches her spiritual lessons to participants world-wide. Is this what it takes to find balance in the modern world?

Gabby seems at peace as she posts pictures of herself throughout the day – in her turban (147 likes), patting a kitty-cat at the supermarket (190 likes) and of her fresh juice (143 likes). She does not seem perturbed by any of it. She is not social mediaed-out.

But then, maybe she has her people to deal with all that.

Whereas we plebs are caught up in the matrix.

The universe in my coffee – trippy.

I’ve thought of taking the Facebook app off my phone, but yeah …that ain’t gonna happen. I’ll just have to get me some of that good ol’ mind-control.

A story like the Notebook couldn’t happen any more either. There would be no waiting for seven years to see if she came back. The guy would just find her on Facebook, check her relationship status and that would be the end of it.

Or would it?

Romance is not dead. The heart still flutters over that magic text that you’ve been waiting for or even better, when it comes as a total surprise. And spending seven years waiting for the postal delivery might be romantic in the movies or in hindsight, but in reality, it’s dead boring.

Can you imagine? That sure adds up to a lot of wasted time!

So the moral of this story is that you don’t need acid to drop in kids, you could just go for a nice little walk while appreciating the moon and seeing a whole lot of lights but not much life, and end up connecting all the dots along the way.

super-duper productivity
super-duper productivity

Question : Have I just got the big fat time-waster gene or do we all suffer from this condition?

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My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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