We are in New York so I will keep this brief.

I am feeling distracted by life. Life is happening. Life is all around, life is walking fast, life has places to be, life is late, but life is still enjoying the sunshine. Life is sitting at a pavement café now and eating organic sweet-pea hommus and quinoa and drinking organic beer from Vermont. Life is going to comedy shows and laughing her ass off, even when it’s not that funny. But life is laughing anyway. Life is taking photos in corner stores, blown away by the abundance of choice. Life is eating gluten free vegan cupcakes, not because she’s gluten intolerant or vegan but just because she can. Life is singing Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys by the Hudson. Life has dance moves. Life has already drunk two jars of cocktails. Life is feeling like she’s broken her ankle from walking a hundred blocks but life doesn’t care. There’s too much to see. Life is stopping at a market on 8th Avenue and drinking freshly-made lemonade with spoonfuls of white sugar, which is apparently more addictive than cocaine. But life doesn’t get high off this. Life is high on life.

Life has noticed a few things too. Like…

New Yorkers are fit. They walk. And they are comfortable walking around in gym clothes. They have just been to the gym and now they are meeting their friend for lunch, who has also just been at the gym or is going. Leggings are all around lunching. Leggings are walking.

American are good talkers. They talk to strangers. And not just to exchange pleasantries and niceties. They are open and friendly and interested. They tell you where they’ve been and want to help you get where you’re going. They don’t mumble. They speak clearly and audibly.

New Yorkers love their city unconditionally. It is dirty and smelly at times. And? They make jokes on the subway about the subway. ‘It’s the subway’, they say when someone leans into them as the subway lurches out of the station.

Because of this love, New Yorkers are ever ready to help you. They are like volunteer guides at the museum or zoo. They love art. They love animals. They believe in this museum and zoo. They believe in diversity.

But New Yorkers are supposed to be cranky and impatient. In fact, people are so helpful and friendly here that it is totally making our day, lifting us up and having that butterfly affect. Shop assistants, waiters and pedestrians alike – they are all helping us. They are all giving us a hand. They are not pushy or overbearing. They don’t stand too close just close enough.

We can learn a lot from this city and its people. In fact, we have.


Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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  1. So glad you received the same vibes from this gorgeous place and more importantly the people. It blew me away too xxx


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