the winds of change

Children of Mother Earth, listen up!  I watched this video the other day and I felt so sad. It is okay to feel sad though, I let myself – I didn’t feel angry I just felt hopeless. I love animals. I love trees. I love flowers and green living things. I love water. I love the sky. I love the whole damn beautiful world!


Usually I am careful what I read, listen to and watch and surround myself with positive vibes because what’s happening in other parts of the world FUCKING SUCKS (see above). But I am not a camel with my head in the sand. I am aware what’s going on OUT THERE. And I don’t think that watching the nightly news religiously helps much. I suspect it desensitises us and makes us feel helpless and then indifferent. Of course it is fine to know what’s going on in the world, but then we have to get up and do something about it.

It does feel overwhelming that the world has so many problems but I love social media for this reason. I like to get my news filtered through people and organisations I trust, like Avaaz. They don’t just give you the news but offer a solution too. People can start their own petitions and with a little tap tapping on your keyboard, you get to save the world too. It counts. I just want you to know that public pressure counts.

Besides online petitions and donations, what else can we THE PEOPLE do in our everyday lives?

Be conscious consumers!

Put your money where your mouth is.

Know that there is power in what you spend money on or not. Money is currency and currency is energy. Put your energy into something that’s worth it. If more people thought this way, then we would see an even bigger change in the world than is going on right now. Get on board (if you aren’t already).

Here are three easy things that we can do…

1. Buy more organic produce when you can. Buying organic means choosing a world with less pesticides and insecticides – which is better not only for the environment but for us humans too! You can start with the Dirty Dozen if you can’t afford more (or here)  – these are the fruit and veg with the highest pesticide residue. Treating your body to the finest produce will have you zinging with pride. It does matter, it does count.

2. Buy fruit and veg grown locally and in season. This means they aren’t transported as far (good for the environment) and will have more nutrients (good for us). Plus you are supporting the local industry. Support local businesses too – even if it costs a little more than at the supermarkets – you can think of the extra you spend as charity.

3. Eat less meat. Seriously, it’s not cool to eat meat – I’m saying this because there seems to be this attitude of someone being a bit of a freak for being vegetarian or vegan outside of those circles or blog-spheres. It’s not just mung-bean loving hippies anymore – A LOT of people are getting on board. 13% of Americans now identify themselves as vegan or vegetarian (more vegan than vegetarian in fact). And when there are more vegans, there will be more vegans opening businesses and more food options available for regular folk – like in this cool list and if you are in Perth a friend of mine has this amazing business. There is so much out there if you look.

Even if you don’t want to go all the way, it’s good to know you have choices. You can still enjoy a vegan meal or a meat-free Monday. Buy some vegan cookbooks like Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen and you will be inspired. Vegan desserts are THE BEST!

Or check out some of these blogs for more ideas…. Melissa Ambrosini  and Carly Gross and Dynise Balcavage 

Or this app… The Whole Pantry

Why does it feel taboo to write this when so many people openly proclaim their love for meat?

I am not vegan or vegetarian even. I cook and eat fish occasionally and will eat chicken. But at the beginning of the year I decided I’d had enough of eating cows, pigs and sheep. As much as I love the flavour, I just couldn’t separate the animal from the meat anymore. I had stayed so long out of politeness – I felt like I’d be inconveniencing people too much by opting out. But I’ve found that people are most accommodating when I’m invited over. It’s not like I’m the only fuss-pot around – some don’t eat tomatoes or mushrooms or cheese – and that’s ok. So why should meat be any different?

By the way, cutting out red meat does not mean piling up on the chicken and fish. There are so many meatless options available and all you have to change is your mind. There have been times when I’ve felt like a beef stroganoff (random) or a BLT but I find the answer to this is focusing on what I can have instead. Like, a mushroom stroganoff – because isn’t it really all about the sauce? And recently I found this heavenly ‘smoked salt’ – it makes everything taste like bacon!

Anyway, hopefully you are still reading and I haven’t scared off any hard-core meat-lovers with my tales of saucy mushrooms. My point is, you don’t have to give it up totally if that’s scary, you can just eat less if you wish to – explore other options without becoming society’s outcast- that’s all I’m suggesting. Even if you have been a big meat-eater all your life – is your identity really tied to this?

By investing in living food you are not only lifting your own vibration, but the vibration of the planet. We have definitely evolved past a stage where we need to eat meat for survival or because it’s good for us or even because we love the taste. How can we live in a world where killing is so everyday? so normal? At least make the connection and make conscious decisions.

I just need to add a little side-note about tuna because it is one of my passions. Back in the day I used to down several cans of tuna a week without a backward glance. I thought it was okay – tuna was all the rage – everyone was doing it. It was a tasty convenient snack full of omega acids and other stuff that’s good for you!

Then once innocent Tuesday I got an email from Greenpeace about their campaign to stop the big tuna companies partaking in common fishing practices like throwing dynamite in the ocean to kill all the tuna as well as the other innocent fishies, sharks, turtles, rays and other good stuff living down there. The tuna stocks were dwindling and still are but since then, due to intense pressure from online campaigners signing petitions or sending an email that took less time than reading this paragraph, Greenpeace has got a lot of the big tuna companies to commit to sustainable pole and line caught tuna. You can support this too by looking for ‘pole and line caught’ on the label. It costs a little more but it is worth it to send a middle-finger message to the other companies who will sacrifice the planet for their profits. In Switzerland I haven’t found any pole and line caught brands so what I do is mostly don’t eat it. I guess it’s like quitting smoking – I’ve cut it down from a couple of cans a week to less than once a month and that, to me, is something.

I certainly don’t have the full story but I am choosing to do what I can when I can. I hope you choose this too.

Writing this feels like I’m going out on a limb (interesting) but I know there are other concerned citizens out there. Let’s rise!

We choose the world we want to live in tomorrow by the choices we make today. There are plenty of conscious companies and conscious entrepreneurs out there and that is who I am choosing to consciously spend money on. Yes farmers and fishermen and car-manufacturers will be affected, but sustainable industries will develop and flourish. And that’s the kind of world I choose to live in.


I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this, but if so sweet people of the planet I’d love to hear your thoughts (see below) xx

Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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  1. right with you, girl!I ache for what is happening. I really do. I watch the world around me change and know this summer, we will lose more trees, just as in the northern hemisphere right nowe, more trees are dying in the summer there. The problems are massive, and something’s going to give soon. Things have built up too much impetus to slow down all that quickly. I’ve gone the same route as you regards meat – mushrooms & legumes 🙂 & I wince every time I feed the cat – yellow fin tuna. I’m trying to wean her off it, but she’s a stubborn gorgeous person.
    I stick to local produce, in season, and that’s fine. I really ought to get myself a little mushroom farm – I eat sooo many! When I move, shall invest in a worm farm & grow some veggies.
    Keep writing & spread your thoughts 🙂
    Keira xx


  2. Oh I’m so glad other people care Kiera! I know there are heaps of people out there who do care and I hope this little post inspired some more. Yes sadly things are happening fast but we can still die trying to change things. I would love a veggie patch too (though currently don’t even have a balcony and not a good track record with keeping the herbs alive). And for the cat – what about skipjack tuna? If I remember correctly, it reproduces faster so it’s better to have that. Of course it’s not the cat’s fault. You are doing the best you can and that means A LOT.

    Thanks for responding and for your encouragement (it also means A LOT) xxx


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