Saturday Night Love-In!

Why hello there friend!

Here I am on day TWO of the ‘Seven Day Challenge’, sounding like Lisa Curry-Kenny (she was an Australian swim star who retired to do muesli bar commercials). Already I feel like I’ve signed up for a triathlon. But I will push on and persist because that’s the kind of focused and dedicated blogster I am. So please look away now if genuine confessions of the heart make you squeamish because there are certainly some coming up.

It is a Saturday night and I am home and loving it.

This sentence reminds me of the start of my novel, Wonderlust. That’s right, one day this website will also be home to my soon-to-be best-selling novel (insert smily/winky face). This is how it begins…

It was a Saturday night in May when the epiphany rolled into the living room. My parents were out and I was home alone watching the E-special on the life of Oprah, which makes me think that the revolution may in fact be televised. I’d catch it while flicking between stations. Everyone else would find out about it on Facebook.

But the revolution, now that began quietly just after the epiphany, sneaking in while I sat there sinking further into the couch. As the credits began to roll, admiration for Oprah’s life turned into desperation for my own.  What a sad arse sitting at home wasting my life! At my age, Oprah was already semi-famous and celebrated. She was a news anchor and had achieved what I would consider my life’s pinnacle. And she wasn’t even ‘Oprah’ yet! If I didn’t get up and take action, I might just remain in my lethargy forever, watching E-specials as I picked at my toe cuticles. Hadn’t I already had this thought on a thousand Saturday nights before? But this time something had changed on the inside. Abruptly it popped and with light switch clarity I was on. So I did next what any modern woman would do – I went straight to the computer and googled my little heart out.

And it felt good.

It’s the story of a young woman looking for her purpose, while inhaling passively and compulsively the world of celebrity and feeling like she needs to be famous to be seen. It is the story of how she lusts for perfection and learns not to. It is the story of how she actually gets a life!

Sounds awesome right?

Is it just me or is everyone kind of wondering what their purpose is?

Well, as it happens, I had my own epiphany about purpose some weeks ago. I was sitting at my desk in Lucerne one morning and it was so simple and clear that I knew it to be the truth.

I feel it when we connect

I feel it when the driver says ‘Have a good evening, darl!’ as I step off the bus.

I feel it when I love my students and they love me back and it makes all of us better at our work.

I feel it when the waitress is nice.

I feel it when I spend the evening laughing with people who knew me before I was born.

I feel it when I am there for friends.

I feel it when I receive messages and calls from people reaching out to support.

I feel it when the cafe owner asks me if I feel better because he saw me shedding a few tears (he says).

I feel it when I watch Richard Renaldi’s Touching Strangers (here).

My purpose is to love and spread love.

I felt all the cells of my body smiling. This is it. I believe this is not only my purpose but the purpose of all of us.

To be love.


It’s so simple!

And Wayne Dyer even agrees,

My purpose is to give, to serve, to promote peace and prosperity and to become totally, unconditionally loving to all people.


(I recently read this by the way – the epiphany was genuine!)

So that’s it. That’s my place of vulnerability for tonight. We can love through writing or singing or building or cooking or celebrating or simply inter-relating. And then it doesn’t matter if our books are published or not or if we’re home on a Saturday night. It doesn’t matter if few read this or people think we’re lame for speaking so openly.  We can let go. What matters is that we love.

Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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