Crazy little thing called Faith

       “Do you have a faith?” The pastoral care officer asked me as she stood beside the bed I had been assigned while I waited. It was bed 21 and I thought it was a good omen. I had enjoyed being 21 and it was an odd number, made up of three and seven multiplied, so that pleased me too.  I had taken it for a sign. I’d been on the lookout for signs these days. A gold cross hung from a chain around the lady’s neck.

“I’m spiritual,” I chose my words carefully, “but I’m not religious.” At the time I wondered what Mum was thinking beside me and later I wished I’d said, “very spiritual”.

She said she was available to say a prayer or talk if I needed and I said I had my mum for that. Then mum asked her some questions about her job to deflect attention and  I realised this is where I get it from.

Actually I don’t have a faith, though I’m happy to go along with the extraordinary, but I do have a whole lot of faith.

I have faith in an abundant universe, faith in living on the bright side, faith in the power of the mind, faith in love, faith in oneness, faith that everything is happening for a reason, faith that our challenges are actually blessings, faith that there is something to be learnt from all experiences, faith in the unknown, faith in metaphysics, faith in intuition, faith that our bodies hold all the wisdom needed, faith in holistic treatment, faith in modern science, faith that things will happen in time, faith in gratitude, faith in meditation, faith in Goddess guidance, faith in crystals, faith in numbers, faith in positive predictions, faith in the ocean and the moon, faith in the transformative powers of nature, faith in acupuncture, faith in my doctor, faith in a Creative Force, faith in Mum’s faith, faith in massage, faith in movement, faith in coconuts, faith in an infinite supply, faith in yoga, faith in my teachers, faith that I am being guided, faith that the answers will come, faith in fresh air, faith in food, faith in practice, faith in champagne, faith in synchronicity, faith in prayer, faith in the miraculous and faith in all the beautiful humans that grace my world.

Yes, I have faith. And my faith gets me through.

Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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