Friday in the light

Well, that experiment of writing for a week did nothing to kill my inner critic. You know that guy? It’s the voice of the ego, telling you you’re shit and you shouldn’t try. The only thing that shuts the voice up is the act of doing. So here I am.

On Tuesday I tried to write a post but didn’t feel the flow. Oh it was going to be great and I was going to fully analyse the kids of today. Until I realised I knew little about ‘the kids’. I wrote for an hour and then wandered the house in a state of confused frustration. It was a mini-existential crisis of the ‘who am I?’ sort. This continued some time (too long) before I had an epiphany,

I am here to spread light

Considering how often I forget this, I think it’s worth repeating.

You are here to spread light too

I hope you can appreciate the seriousness of this by the bold font I am using, which is obviously what I mean to converse.

So Mi (I said) how are you going to help lift the vibration of the world today?

By writing a super-dooper blog post – duh! 

Only I felt the shadow of hypocrisy lingering in my light. How could I go about spreading peace like a love guru when I was being snappy at home? I would have to clean my own doorstep first.

So, how will I lift the vibration of the world today?

Be nice to your mother! (came the answer)

Light-working starts at home.

It is so easy to take for granted the people who we are closest to. It is so easy to be mean to ourselves as well.


So the week continued and I was imperfectly patient.

Still nothing inspired me greatly to write about.  I wasn’t feeling enough joy to squeeze any out.

But I did listen to Gabrielle Bernstein interview Gala Darling on her Hay House radio show and was reminded about Gala’s ‘Things-I-love’ Thursdays. One of the things I love is her Things-I-love Thursdays. J’adore… as she would say. Crush. (Okay now I’m copying her writing style). It does looks like an amazing fun time being her and so why not a bit of Things-I-Love expression? Why not cultivate a bit more joy and appreciation in these here pastures?

Ich liebe… raw cacao everything and extolling the virtues of it to anyone who will listenEmoji using exaggerated language like ‘epiphany’ and ‘existential crisis’Emoji Persian rice with berries and almonds and a huge bowl of salad with fresh herbsEmoji my five-year-old nephew always saying ‘that’s funny’ and laughing shyly and asking if I’m going to make a smoothie or juice so he can operate the machineryEmoji sweet Vanessa’s deliveries of raw treatsEmoji blue skies every single day Emoji awaiting the mango seasonEmoji giving myself the space to feel sad Emoji the masseuse saying I ‘devour’ the massageEmoji learning Hindi words like ‘badaam aanki’ (almond eyes)Emoji pops of purple from the Jacarandas blooming in NovemberEmojiDad wearing the Lower East Side t-shirt we gave him (everyday)Emoji making macadamia and caramel raw ‘cheesecake’ while family are having afternoon tea in the kitchenEmojimaking my own schedule and being productiveEmoji solo dance parties in the car every time Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines comes onEmojiMum coming up to my roomEmoji warm gatherings with family and friends and family friendsEmojiwaking up naturally before 6amEmojiAlana saying ‘I think the real question is why I made her hand green‘ after Mum asked why she had coloured my eyes blueEmoji Rosie’s messages about Fully Raw KristinaEmojieggs Benedict with spinach & smoked salmonEmojiFriday night happy hour gin and tonic at my parents’ house

Sometimes the light comes easily and other times we have to crawl towards it.

What are you loving this week?

A feast for a Persian Queen
Tarte au Caca (as my French friend called it) or Pooh Pie (sounds way better in French!)
Tarte au Caca (as my French friend called it) or Pooh Pie (sounds way better in French!)

Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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  1. now, I cannot write or even think like this. In class last week, we were doing adjectives to describe personalities & one word was ‘cynical’. Sometimes I so think that applies to self, other times no. But It is obvious you were brought up in a loving family & I begin to realize the deep differences that makes, OK – I always knew it made a difference, but the way you write reveals something I don’t think I’d really understood till now.
    I guess what I love this week is my gorgeous fluffy cat, the sunset I saw last night, the moonm the clouds, flowers & trees. Same as always.
    And *never* let that inner so-called critic have that much voice. You wanna write? Go ahead – write. Tell that inner know-it-all to shut the f*ck up! He’s just preying on your vulberabilities and uncertainties. Pick out what’s useful from his spew and clean the rest up 🙂


  2. Hi Kiera! It’s true that I did grow up in a loving family but I think this attitude and practice has been cultivated consciously in the past 10 years, especially in the last year. I have so many gurus, who I write about on this blog, and I am always reading and listening to the message over and over. I do HEAPS to feel this way and I believe anyone can, though we all have our shit to deal with – some of us more than others I’m aware. But I do believe that the area we are most lacking in is the exact area we have the biggest capacity for growth. I wrote a post on this that I haven’t published yet – about when you come from normal, what are you fighting against? It is easy to slip into a coma then. There is responsibility that comes with having strong ties – but what if I want to be different? There have been decisions I’ve made because of wanting to make people happy that were not in line with my beliefs and in retrospect I’d do things differently. This is just the other side of ‘normal’ that I’m trying to express xxx


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