…in with the new

Clearing space. Let time in. We have enough time.

Breathing these words slowly has a hypnotic effect. Try it. Breathe them into your heart. Do you feel expansive?


Are you thinking….?

‘What?! I don’t have time to read slowly!!’

It is that time of year again after all. So often we’re rushing to get presents bought and running from catch-up to party to catch-up to party. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.

I get this.

As a person who currently has more time than most on this planet, you would think I’m kicking back and treating everyday like a lazy afternoon on Copacabana Breach. Not so. You know what it’s like when you go on one of those holidays and you want to see and do so much that you don’t have time to just be. You come back feeling like you need a holiday to recover from the last one.

I too want to see and do so much on a daily basis. I can sit here at my desk with such a muddle of everything I have to do swirling in my head. I’m pinned to the chair in confusion. And then bring other people’s needs into the equation and I get giddy from the spinning. Then I get annoyed.

But I’ve made a lot of progress this week. The reminder keeps coming to be present and clear space.

Wednesday started like many others. I had places to be. There were two places I wanted to be at the same time in fact and I was trying to figure out how to do it or which one was more important. This permeated my thoughts as I tried to meditate. I then drank a quick smoothie while writing a note for M to tell him the stuff he needed to do before I picked him in town later in the day. The time was ticking. Mum would have to get with the programme and eat her bowl of porridge in the car. I desperately wanted to get to the beach for a walk and swim but could now only fit in half an hour at best before this other meeting started. The beach is not the same when we’re rushing. It just isn’t. The ocean knows.

So what did I do? I cut class. I dropped mum off and skipped off to the beach. I walked the length of the sand to touch the rock, I walked through the water, I swam amongst the cold silky sheets. All the cells in my body were singing a happy tune. I am healing. I am healed. And I got to see my nephews end of year edu-dance concert too.

The funny-strange thing was that I was rushing round to go to meetings and appointments to get healed but all this rushing and driving was energetically wiping me out. Why should it be so? Healing is our natural state of being. All we have to do is get present. Clear the mind. Ha! As if that’s so easy…

Having had both energetic and spiritual healing work done on Monday, I was graced by two wise healers. Still, I didn’t feel the work take root until that morning at the beach. I had no where to go. I could stay as long as I wanted and leave when I felt like it. No obligations. How often do we get to feel that?

Being at the beach brings us back to the present. No one can be unhappy at the beach (I mean, except when it’s windy). When I go back to Luzern I’ll find my beach there. The forrest. The mountains. Being in nature gets us in touch with the earth’s aura. That there is some good shit. It’s magic. I wrote about the natural beauty of San Tropez and about swimming in the river in France and about the ocean’s power before. I’m head over heels into it. I may even hug a tree, who knows. See, I really am a person in love. I’m not afraid to say it.

The wisdom in my head feels more grounded in my body now. Wisdom in the head can get drowned out by all the noise up there and leave us feeling as confused as a robot who has been programmed by too many makers. Our mind may be strong and active, but it is also connected to the voice of the ego. The ego tells us what we ‘should’ or ‘have to’ be doing. Wisdom in the body is that inner knowing that lives in the heart space and the instinct of the gut. Every time we take a conscious breath and breathe into our hearts we connect to our power there. Listen to the heart’s knowing.

Give yourself the gift of clearing space. Often clearing space is about doing the things I have to do so that there is space to enjoy. There is a lot I would like to do, watch, listen to and learn. It feels as vast as the universe of the internet at times. So how to get it all in without getting overwhelmed? Gina DeVee talks about filling our working day like a suitcase without maxing it out. There’s nothing worse than procrastinating our lives away, but nor do we want to plan more jobs for 9pm. I’m learning to let go of getting everything done and I aim to maximise my pleasure time too – or what’s the point?

Here are some more ways to clear out the energy of 2013 and clear space for the new in 2014 :

1. Digital Detox (à la Tonya Leigh)

About a month ago I totally cleaned out my inbox. I made folders, tied up loose ends and tossed out the old. Then, after reading Tonya Leigh’s post I decided yes, I’m going to unsubscribe from mailing lists and pare down to the bare essentials. Quieten the noise. Even many that I enjoy I stopped, knowing that I get to choose when I feel like looking up these blogs and websites. We can choose the sound level in our heads.

2. Clean up your house

Throw shit out. Donate. Let it go. Polish. Cleanse. Wipe away. Suck up. It’s amazing how brand-spanking new it makes us feel. Our outer world reflects our inner world (or vice versa). And getting rid of the old clears space for the new to enter.

3. Clear your mind

Be present. How? Breathe into your heart. It’s too easy to get lost down the path of yesterday and tomorrow. The ego drags us into lamentation, wishing we hadn’t wasted that precious time, beating ourselves up on the back streets or simply remembering the good times. But people, the time is now!

Being truly present is expansive. Time stretches and grows.The reason we had so many good times when we were younger was because we were present. We cut class to eat pancakes at McDonalds with our friends. We spent hours in the pool on our endless summers. We made up choreographed dances with our cousins. We didn’t consider what we ‘had to’ do. We did what we wanted. Likewise on holiday. So many cool things happen when I’m overseas because I’m in this state of surrendering to the flow. Life is magical when we’re aligned. 

Each moment is an invitation to be present and let go. Let go of the past and future and be present to what you’re doing at this moment. This is what I’m practising. Will you join me?

Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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