My Beautiful Mess : free-basing metaphoria (because it’s Christmas!)

Hello my friends! My time here in Perth is coming to an end. Yep, in three days’ time I’ll be leaving and, though I am sad in the way that I always will be, I am also not sad to be going back to Lucerne. Yes, not sad. It’s time to get back to my life there and there’s also a lot to look forward to.

But I thought about how I could wrap things up and post my appreciation for the people and experiences of the last three months. How to say it? How to make it mean something when it all means so much?

I let it brew. I bought a packet of crayolas, an 8-pack of Metallic gel pens and some water colour markers and got to work on my new visual diary. Visual diary sounds so hyper-conscientious and art studenty. What I actually did was drew a few flowers and wrote some stuff in colour, inspired by a beautiful mess – quotes and sayings and memories of recent conversations and words that came out of the abyss where new thoughts are born. Also some trippy wisdom from Wayne Dyer’s Real Magic. Nothing had to mean too much though. I was just looking to get out of this creative corner and have some Thursday afternoon FUN.

Zapping is a waste. (that’s why I started the project)

Freedom is a thought away. (my new favourite)

“This is white people’s food!” (my cousin’s boyfriend was disappointed there was no curry at our Christmas lunch)


There are probably too many words for it to be classified as a visual diary in fact. But you do know how I love words so.

So anyway, afterwards I meditated for a bit and then sat down at my desk to see what would come out of the nothingness. At first, nothing, just the frequency of peace and quiet. Then the words. A slow trickle before the flood. They came…

the metaphors

Ok not metaphors but similes. There’s not much talk about similes these days. But actually I’m talking about similes, wishing they were called metaphors.

I’m crazy about metaphors! (similes) But it hasn’t always been that way. Back in 2007, I was talking to a guy at a bar about the writing course I was taking and he said, ‘Give me your best metaphor.’ Well, gee! Talk about putting a girl on the spot. Could I ever be a writer if I didn’t have a good metaphor at the ready? It’s not like I was carrying them round like a pocket book of Chairman Mao quotes. I was not pop-locking or beat-boxing.  I was not turning tricks like a pro.

But now!

Just some little observations. And a little metaphoria …

Being at my parents’ house is as warm and cosy and safe as being back in the womb (embryonic fluid included). Though there comes a time in an almost 35-year-old’s life when you have to wash and fold your own underwear. Or pay someone to do it. Know what I mean?

Having a bunch of Mum’s roses on my desk is like bathing at the Ritz in a tub of champagne (penthouse suite). Simple luxuries.

Re-connecting with my family and friends and family friends in Perth feels like I’m the Dalai Lama. I’ve  reached that state of enlightenment and see oneness in all beings. Only love exists. I love. I am loved. There are no bitches. But you do know that I actually love all of you people out there.


I also love….  pink flamingos everywhere  rooibos tea with oat milk in my strawberry and green polka- dot print cup my high-vibe friendsmaking a massive amount of raw balls with M at the last minute to gift out suddenly getting in the Christmas spirit and saying things like ‘But it’s Christmas!’ (like on the American shows of my youth) and ‘See you in 2014!’thinking nostalgically about Christmas cartoons, like ‘A Tiny Tree’ and ‘The Small One’ (the life story of the donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem!)  playing our favourite carols while wrapping giftsEmojifeeling a burst of excitement whenever Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ comes on the radio pre-party champagnemaking maple French toast on Christmas morning the cousins  discussing scientologygood storytellers funny  random conversationEmojiChristmas visitorsmum always having a spare turkey roll up her sleevemy nephews’  loose one-armed hugs (I’ll take it!) family timethe present openingnew resolutions at any momentEmojifrolicking in the waves thinking better at the beachEmojicoming home transformed Emojibreakfast catch-upsEmojistarting the week with Gina DeVee’s radio show (again and always)staying at homepurple hydrangeas in the dappled light making juice for everyonethe dog beach Emojilarge chunks of desk timeEmojiM making iMovies  meditating (true!) Emoji post-medi idea inundation Emojicrayons, gel tips, felt water-colours, blank sheets and the freedom to create making things prettyEmoji being in alignment seeing crows M ordering a Vegetarian (Strict Indian) meal for the flight Emoji

So there I shall leave you – with a few crappy metaphors and a whole lot of love.

EmojiMerry Christmas my friends! See you in 2014!Emoji


Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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