How to be awesome

This week on Facebook I saw a posting on the rice experiment and I took it as a sign that I should write about positive thinking (I’m into signs). Have you heard of this experiment? Dr Emoto is a researcher and alternative healer from Japan whose experiments on how thoughts can change the molecular structure of water featured on What The Bleep Do We Know? In the rice experiment he took two identical jars of rice and labelled one ‘thank you’ and the other ‘you fool’, instructing school children to  say the words out loud every time they passed the jars. What was found was that at the end of the month, (you guessed it) one was practically the same while the other was mouldy and rotten. I’ll let you figure out which was which.

Incroyable! Non?

Surely this adds a little to what the bleep we do know.

But it’s amazing how many negative thoughts we can catch passing through our heads if we take the time to catch them. Just yesterday I noticed that I was looking in the letterbox thinking ‘Ehh nothing ever good comes in the mail.’ I caught the thought and immediately transformed it into a positive statement. ‘Heaps of cool stuff comes in the mail!’ Not because I’m crazy, just because I believe in the power of positivity. And believe me, this is not my natural state of being – I don’t wake up like this without intention. It is something I’ve become aware of and am transforming. Negative thoughts got me no place good. But positive thoughts brought me money, love, health, happiness, fulfilment and a whole lot of crazy, fun experiences.

Now, it may not be very sexy to talk about affirmations but I really feel I must.

Louise Hay, the affirmation queen, says that the subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to believe and this becomes true for you. With our thoughts, we create situations and then we give our power away by blaming others and getting frustrated. Really though, it is all up to us. Right now you can choose to be different.

The only thing we are ever dealing with is a thought and a thought can be changed. We get to choose our thoughts.

In terms of affirmations, Queen Louise says that everything is an affirmation and you are either affirming for the good or the bad.

(If you want to dive in with Louise Hay I found this cool video or you could just buy one of her many books.)

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So do a little experiment on yourself and see what happens. Catch every negative thought and transform it into a positive. So often we walk around saying ‘I’m not very good at…’ or ‘I’m so stressed out about…’ or ‘how am I going to find the time for…’

Imagine if instead you thought ‘Everything is working out perfectly!’ or ‘Today is an amazing day!’ or ‘I have enough time!’ (with the emotion behind it – exclamation marks are optional). Literally, your life will change. Time will expand. You will feel different. Things will work out. And even when things don’t appear to be working out, have faith that something better is on its way.

Imagine if instead of having arguments in your head, you thought ‘All my relationships are blissful.’ And if at first you don’t believe, repeat repeat repeat! It’s meditative. I like to say such things as I walk to the rhythm of my feet. It’s something I started doing a few months ago at the beach in Perth and continue to do now. This is evolution my friends!

Imagine if rather than beating yourself up with ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of cake blah blah blah’, you say ‘My metabolism is so fast. My body will burn that off no problem!’ Delusional? Who cares? You can drop the guilt and get on with your amazing life. It just feels better.

Imagine if you always thought the best of yourself. 

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Watch your language when speaking to others too. Instead of saying ‘I have to do …’ or ‘I’m frantically trying to…’, say ‘I’m enjoying doing …’ or something equally as pleasurable. Yeah, it will dry up all your complaint conversations, but you will find a nice surprise on the other side.

Even if you don’t at first like it, fear not – it’s good for you! It’s like broccoli. It’ll change your life.

And I know it’s not culturally acceptable to be high-fiving yourself and mouthing ‘I love you’ in the mirror, but you don’t even have to tell anyone.

I enjoyed this so much from the novel, Elegance, by Kathleen Tessaro. It’s from a scene where the main character is watching a young guy play the piano.

I can’t recall the last time I saw someone enjoying something so much, so openly. Perhaps it’s my age or just the people I hang out with , but almost everyone I know seems to be an aspiring cynic. We stand at the edge of our experiences, smoking cigarettes and trying to convince each other that we’ve seen this, done that and it isn’t so hot anyway…And on occasions when one of us does become excited, it’s under duress, both embarrassing and brief…and has to be apologised for the next day. ‘Real life’ is, after all, a serious and rather dull business.’

I love when fiction is so true. It’s very British but still, I don’t aspire to be a cynic standing on the edge of my experiences – do you?

So there are three ways to be awesome I’ve mentioned here :

Mantra your way to work, through the neighbourhood and to sleep at night AND

Catch your negative thoughts and transform them to positive AND

Choose your language to reflect the ease and grace with which you CHOOSE to live your life. 

Obviously there’s so much deeper to go with this and this piece is meant to be a reminder or a starting point, not a bandaid solution. We all have beliefs about ourselves and the world based a lot on what we learnt before the age of seven. Mostly we are not aware of how these beliefs are shaping our lives. While we cannot change the past, through awareness we can transform the present and have the extraordinary life that was meant for each and every one of us. So go ahead, catch yourself in the act. Change your thoughts today.

Treat yourself well and you will be well. 

Each moment is a new beginning.

(I really should start that bumper sticker business one of these days)

Thank you Emoji

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