The Recovery (part 2)

After getting that off my chest (see last post), I realised that I didn’t feel better. I still felt crap. Now there is definitely a place in my life for feeling emotions besides happiness. I’m totally fine with sadness – enjoy it even – but feeling simply ‘crap’ and being annoyed with yourself is not a place I find much good comes (I mean, besides writing a novel because of it, which is exactly what I did).

Today is a new day and I can’t let the dregs of yesterday derail my plans for a productive and fun day. So what did I do? I returned to the routine with a few adjustments.

Now, here’s my formula for dealing with a ‘crap’ mood :

1. I yelled at myself.

Seriously. Usually I’m all about the sweet nothings of encouragement but today I needed some tough love. So I shouted, ‘Stop it! Stop doing this!’ and it worked. It brought me out of my mind. I am the best friend I wish I had here! (Okay that’s embarrassing to admit but I’ve come this far already).

2. I did a few minutes of Qi Gong.

Since I last wrote about it, I have been doing different exercises mostly, from this video. You only need to watch the video once or twice and then you can do it on your own. The exercises involve hitting yourself (to get your Chi moving), releasing negativity and then gathering Chi from below (the earth) and above (the cosmos). Sounds like a pretty far-out thing to do, right? Anyway, it’s all about the intention you infuse the movements with and it certainly got my energy moving. I felt better after a couple of minutes, despite feeling there was no point when I started.

Actually, this is all I got up to before I was bursting with new inspiration but the next up is…

3. Eight minutes of this meditation on balancing the root chakra (and healing of course).

I’ve only done it once before but found it was the passageway to a deeper place.The music I found very powerful, with ancient rhythms and ‘binaural beats’ that ‘help to deeply relax the mind and body and assists in the process of healing.’

Root (chakra) energy is the foundation of the physical body and is ‘relevant to achievements in the physical world, permanence, strength of character, patience, endurance and safety.’

Wow and to think where I would be without the internet!

But this is not another blog post about the internet.

There are other things I can do to bring me back to normal if I need it :

4. journal my little heart out.

I found starting every sentence with ‘I desire’ when I’m down feels better than simply complaining it out as I would’ve done in the past.

5. exercise – even (and especially) a walk.

6. select a Goddess Guidance card.

The goddesses totally believe in me, no matter what!

7. read or listen to something inspirational. You know I’m into it.

What I know for sure is that dwelling in the shit feels yucky and I come out covered in slime. I’m starving now. I’ve written two blog posts before breakfast (high fives all round) and I’m back in the land of wonder.

Goddess Guidance

Those are just some of my ways to get out of the swamp – how about you? How do you save yourself from a crap mood?

Published by Mireille Parker

My name's Mireille Parker and i love to write. I am here to peace for peace, to love for love and to share what I learn as I wander and wonder.

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  1. I usually eat bacon and play minecraft.
    re-watching Deadwood helps too.

    I’m enjoying this blog. Ill get to your backposts soon. Have a new follower 🙂


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