Sweets in Bangkok
Sweets in Bangkok

Hello there,

I wondered if I should write this in the third person, like I had totally made it and someone else was writing this about me. Then I could say more.

I wondered if I should have more of a before and after story – it seems to become anyone you have to be born in the dirt and dig yourself out. That makes for a good story.

I wondered if I could write a whole novel and if writing it would fulfil me. So I wrote one – it’s taken me four years and I’m still going. I’ve learnt A LOT these past four years and especially in the last one.

I wondered if I had the guts to write a blog and put the real me out there.  So I started one (this is it). I’m not actually a person who reveals too much in conversation, although I appear chatty because I ask a lot of questions. But here I am becoming more of myself.

I wondered if I could change my life and do exactly what I wanted to do – write, be free, be creative, inspire and be inspired, share my thoughts, find soulful souls to chat with, find my tribe, be abundant, be grateful everyday. Isn’t that what we all want?

And so here I am …

(and by the way, I also wonder what you think so please go ahead and say it anytime in the comments or elsewhere – just let me know)

with LOVE always,

Mireille xxx

I may love cats but sadly they don't always feel the same about me
I love cats but sadly they don’t always feel the same about me

Hello 2019 Wonderluster!

Wow life has changed so dramatically since then! It’s crazy.

I am a writer, creator, teacher and transformational coach at Mireille Parker. I teach people to train their minds to recover from relationships and breakups, create a positive mindset and implement healthy habits and patterns of thinking that stick. I founded Wild Poppy Coaching and Empowerment, wrote two books, a novel and a memoir, and created and facilitated the Healthy + Powerfully Femininecourse and workshops. I hold a BA in psychology and English from UWA, a diploma in Professional Writing from Murdoch University and am a Divine Living certified coach.

I always longed to live an interesting and artistic life and my journey began at the age of 24 with a break up when I began learning to use the power of my mind to not only quieten the constant chatter and judgements but also to create a fulfilling life, with beauty, creativity, spiritual connection, logic and guidance from within. These techniques also set me on the writing path.

Clearing away the habits and uncovering the subconscious beliefs and habits that are not in alignment with my purpose, I had to learn to love my body and give up the endless dieting and comparisons. I started writing my novel after I fell in love and moved to Switzerland, age 28. During the seven years that I wrote it, I learned everything I could about writing and creativity, discipline, reward and achievement. By the time I had finished it though I had already become a coach and been diagnosed with breast cancer, so I didn’t pursue publishing it then. At the time I also had to make the monumental decision of whether to have children and live permanently in Switzerland or come home alone.

After finally, receiving the clear answer, I moved back home and completed my marriage. Life was far from easy moving back here when all my friends were busy with their young families. I created and ran the Healthy + Powerfully Feminine course and workshops both live and online and dated a host of unsuitable men, fell in love again and learned a wealth of information on relationships and how the mind works to keep us addicted or obsessed and how to transform this.

I found that those attracted to my work had an obsessive tendency towards their body and beauty and/or an unhealthy relationship towards dating and men. Many wanted help to get over their ex so that they could be the best version of themselves, which is why I created the guide to Being Queen of Your Love Life  and the Body Love guide.

It was as I was uploading the Guide to Being Queen of Your Love Life that the first migraine hit. Three weeks later, an MRI showed a 6cm tumour and two days later I was in hospital having it removed. I wrote about it hereand here. Finding out it was actually metastatic breast cancer was life changing, obviously.

My dream of having a baby seemed far off after being placed in an induced menopause, aged 37. I tried to carry on as usual but Life had other plans. After accidentally deleting all my videos on YouTube, I finally took the hint and stopped.

Without a creative project to focus on and after the surgery, radiation, medication, two months of not sleeping because of the hot flashes and major crumbling of my life, I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I was really down, sometimes anxious, and my mind didn’t feel like my own anymore.

Then one day in bed that November, I had an epiphany. I had been striving my whole life and I was done with it! I had no income, only a quarter of my hair, I looked like a strange alien and my passport was expiring. For the first time in my life, I was totally and utterly grounded and there was nothing left to do but Be. Here. Now.

That was when the healing began. Little by little and piece by piece, as I focused on the positive, on how lucky I actually way, instead of looking out and thinking someone else was better, I could be better or Life was better over there, my life and my mind started coming back together. But better than before. because I was better.

As always, I wrote myself back into being.

I started working on my second book, the story of these last seven years. Eighteen months later, I was done. Now I am thrilled to be able to share this with others who are going through a rough time after a relationship and would love to get over their ex in 30 days, rule their mind and write their story, through my Rise, Rule, Write course and The Powerfully Your podcast.

I share more of my writing and work on the Wonderlust siteand on Instagram or Facebook.

So yeah, got my before and after story!

Lots of love,

Mi xxx



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  1. Hi Mireille, thank you so much for visiting Find the Details and liking the post on Red’s art: I thought it was fascinating too…. It was great to discover your blog; your ‘about’ page made me smile! I hope to have some more design news for you soon, till then, take care, FtdX


  2. Hi Mireille,
    I got the link to your blog from your parents. I enjoy reading it very much. Keep up the good work.


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