heart of clouds

Let me be really honest with you,  as much as I would love to write something really upbeat and inspirational, there’s a grey cloud over my heart and all I really just want to talk about is how much the weather here sucks. You see there’s this jet stream thingy and because of the warming […]

Warning- this blog post contains nudity

Let’s talk about something serious here people…. Switzerland and Sweden – do you really know the difference? This is how the conversation goes 99% of the time when a Swiss person encounters a foreigner elsewhere in the world. Guy : So where are you from? Martin : Switzerland Guy : Ahh that’s where the hot […]

la vie en rose

La vie en rose! La vie en rose, they say. But what does it all mean? Literally translated, ‘la vie en rose’ is life in pink, the equivalent to seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses or rosy hues. And as Edith Piaf sings, “When he takes me in his arms And speaks softly to me, […]

great expectations

In case y’all don’t know too much about Switzerland, besides what can be gathered from a Lindt packet, let me just tell you that she is not just a pretty face. This is a land of contradiction and controversy.  Practicality, progressiveness and tradition sit side by side, somewhat harmoniously – just like the three languages […]

My friend Patience

Whoever said patience is a virtue is a freaking genius. Don’t run after the bus, let the bus come to you. There’s a lot we can learn about life from public transport. And right now it seems that waiting to receive what I want is a bit like waiting for the train in India. The train will come – […]

Lessons from Mum on getting shit done

Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the most amazing feelings out there is that when we have finished doing something that we really didn’t want to do. I should know – I’ve just finished marking four 12,000 word dissertations that every fiber of my being didn’t want to experience. Okay there was a tiny […]

This is not just another blog post about pumpkin…

There are some people who may argue that there are better things in life than roast pumpkin, but I am not one of them. My list of number ones is long, but Pumpkin my dear, you deserve your place amongst the best. There are also some people who say, “I was so busy, I forgot […]

Quality Control

Oh how I have suffered from monkey brain this evening! When I woke up this morning I knew today was the day to write a blog post and I had in my mind to write about new friends. Then the day happened and as usual I kept being pulled to and fro by my monkey […]

The Art of Life

I like things. Things make me really happy. On Sunday I stayed at home the whole day just to be amongst my things. I had thought I would go out, but there were so many flowers in my house and so I stayed home to enjoy them. I  had planned to go to the art […]

I saw you crying….

…I saw you crying at the discotheque… Oh yes, I may mock those crazy Europeans with their far-out summer anthems, but if truth be told, if anyone was crying at the discotheque back in 2001, it’d probably have been me. You see, I’ve always found a friend in my tears. A good cry just makes […]