The lunatic in me

Call me crazy, but I’m about to start a blog post at 9.48 on a Sunday night. This is totally breaking the rules! I should be getting some rest before the big week ahead, but the full(ish) moon has got me up and at it. When I think about the moon, I feel like a […]

Sick Day for the Soul

Today is a beautiful day. Beautiful, not for the traditional reasons (see above), but because I am home alone and  sick. Who doesn’t love sick days? I am so grateful to be sick today. As kids, we knew what was good, right? We were so wise, we knew the meaning of ‘fake it till you […]

Two things and a cup of enlightenment

So here’s the thing. Sometimes the people of the world suck and they are all conspiring to make me late and take advantage, especially when I’m already late for work or when I’m standing in line at the supermarket and that really annoying woman can’t find her bank card in her purse (okay I’m speaking […]

Happy New Day!!

Recently it was my birthday and since I grew up (practically) an only child and so of the ‘it’s my party and i’ll cry if I want to’ type, it was a HUGE opportunity to practise being mature. And no, I didn’t cry. Change is in the air people! It’s a happy new year and […]

2012 ….THIS is your life!!

What a year! We have survived the apocalypse and come out on the other side. World politics and global finance is still on the boil but hasn’t yet bubbled over. And we are hoping that the world is becoming a better place for you and for me. But before 2012 fades to dusk and a new […]

The power of ritual

Routine can sometimes feel like a dirty word. Routine is something you long to escape, like your Monday day to Friday office job or your favourite cereal you can’t help buying. When our lives are devoid of spontaneity and midnight adventures, routine is the scapegoat. Routine seems to be something that just ends up happening in […]

Why I like to have my muesli first

Have you noticed how Facebook has the power to take over your brain? Actual thoughts are replaced by status updates & comments, emotions become likes and unlikes. You’re so high when you see the blue planet with its red speech bubble attached, the number contained in it reflecting how much you are loved today, right here […]