My Guru-Goddesses

Authors need blogs. I learnt this today from a blog. And so here I am, attempting to find out, “Is there a blog in me?” For the past four years I have avoided blogs, fearing that they’d inspire that same sense of inadequacy that great books do… and TV specials about the lives of     celebrities [...]

Where is the big sausage?

So you want to open a small business in Switzerland? The first thing you've got to think about are the costs. First, paying your part-time employee 25 francs per hour and then don't forget to budget in  the cost of your big polyester (I can't believe it's not plastic) sausage, croissant, ice-cream, fill in the [...]

Cherry Storm

Glistening ruby marbles of sweet tartiness, smooth porcelain skin, bloody flesh heart, lip-staining, succulent... You'd have to be mad not to love cherries. And what could be more luxurious than a bowl full of cherries right? A whole bowl mom! And then another bowl the next night...and then the next night. A carnival of cherries, [...]


"Not all that glitters is gold. Not everyone who wanders is lost." There's no denying it, the Swiss are pretty serious about their hiking. Nowhere else have Nordic walking sticks been used so openly, so freely...and at the age of 33 and with 7 years of fish oil and glucosamine already ingested, who am I [...]

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