a view from the train

It’s been forever since I sat for eight hours just listening to music and staring out the window. Maybe never. It was a surprise, I hadn’t planned it. That was a surprise too. I like to plan stuff. I like to have all my stuff with me just in case. The week before I left […]

cold hands warm heart

I have just come to an understanding about culture and it feels like my head has been cracked open and the light of wisdom is streaming in. It may be plainly obvious but I have to share it with you anyway. Yesterday after writing the blog post about cats and intuition, I headed out to […]

The First Time

The First time I went to France I was eighteen and with my parents. We got dropped off by a tour bus and had three days staying on the outskirts of Paris. I remember it was Bastille Day and a man had brought a ladder to climb up and see the parade. We drank red […]

Warning- this blog post contains nudity

Let’s talk about something serious here people…. Switzerland and Sweden – do you really know the difference? This is how the conversation goes 99% of the time when a Swiss person encounters a foreigner elsewhere in the world. Guy : So where are you from? Martin : Switzerland Guy : Ahh that’s where the hot […]

This is not just another blog post about pumpkin…

There are some people who may argue that there are better things in life than roast pumpkin, but I am not one of them. My list of number ones is long, but Pumpkin my dear, you deserve your place amongst the best. There are also some people who say, “I was so busy, I forgot […]