one day baby we’ll be old…

Okay so maybe it wasn’t the best idea to write the post on inspiration when I was feeling uninspired. Did it get me in the mood? Not this time. I still felt steam-rolled afterwards, like I couldn’t catch my breath and was limping around lopsided, like the hunchback of Luzern. Call me melodramatic, call me […]

Breathing : a collection of musings on Inspiration

The Inhale Inspiration is such a lovely word but inspiration itself is overrated. You don’t have to be inspired, you just have to do. Right now I’m not feeling inspired at all and I don’t know if I should be writing about inspiration. This is an experiment. Will I get inspired through the writing? Is […]

the story of all creation

Phew! Now that I’ve got out what I wanted to say about my desk, I can carry on with what I actually wanted to write about before I got blown off course. Okay, I promise that was the last of the nautical metaphors. Today a pure white sky sits beyond the rooftops and the wind is […]

Life of Mi (ode to desk)

New York was great and all but I was happy to come back to my desk. My desk is my sanctuary, my shrine, my rubber raft on the sea of life. I need it to navigate through the rough waters and also to enjoy the tranquillity of the calm. I love my pretty little boat, […]

the journey home – part 1

I have found my new bible. The Game of Life and How To Play it. Or maybe it’s not the bible but just a new testament that’s been unearthed, revealed itself, and I am taking the words as the gospel. As is always the way, this book has come at the perfect time. I’ve quit […]

be. here. now. (the joy of being)

Today I’d like to talk to you about my favourite verb – be. It is Thursday evening and I’m feeling fried. I work too much. And I can’t understand people who say they work 70 hours a week. I don’t know how this is possible. Whatever happened to legalising the 4 day weekend? What happened […]

The lunatic in me

Call me crazy, but I’m about to start a blog post at 9.48 on a Sunday night. This is totally breaking the rules! I should be getting some rest before the big week ahead, but the full(ish) moon has got me up and at it. When I think about the moon, I feel like a […]