no higher than your heart

By now some of you are aware of ‘The Roller-blading Incident’  – yes, the one where I thought I could roller-blade, again. I mean, who the hell can’t roller-blade? It looks so easy when co-ordinated people do it. It’s not that I can’t roller-blade at all – but I am just not at the level […]

The First Time

The First time I went to France I was eighteen and with my parents. We got dropped off by a tour bus and had three days staying on the outskirts of Paris. I remember it was Bastille Day and a man had brought a ladder to climb up and see the parade. We drank red […]

lessons from the edge : New York City

We are in New York so I will keep this brief. I am feeling distracted by life. Life is happening. Life is all around, life is walking fast, life has places to be, life is late, but life is still enjoying the sunshine. Life is sitting at a pavement café now and eating organic sweet-pea […]

2012 ….THIS is your life!!

What a year! We have survived the apocalypse and come out on the other side. World politics and global finance is still on the boil but hasn’t yet bubbled over. And we are hoping that the world is becoming a better place for you and for me. But before 2012 fades to dusk and a new […]