lessons from the edge : New York City

We are in New York so I will keep this brief. I am feeling distracted by life. Life is happening. Life is all around, life is walking fast, life has places to be, life is late, but life is still enjoying the sunshine. Life is sitting at a pavement café now and eating organic sweet-pea […]

the journey home – part 2

And on with the manifesting talk she goes! At the moment I am taking two online courses. One is called The Feminine Art of Manifesting with Rose Cole and Gina DeVee (which is not exclusively for women) and the other is The Abundant Creative with Melissa D’Antoni. Both of them had recommended reading The Game of Life […]

the journey home – part 1

I have found my new bible. The Game of Life and How To Play it. Or maybe it’s not the bible but just a new testament that’s been unearthed, revealed itself, and I am taking the words as the gospel. As is always the way, this book has come at the perfect time. I’ve quit […]

be. here. now. (the joy of being)

Today I’d like to talk to you about my favourite verb – be. It is Thursday evening and I’m feeling fried. I work too much. And I can’t understand people who say they work 70 hours a week. I don’t know how this is possible. Whatever happened to legalising the 4 day weekend? What happened […]

the freedom inside

Today’s the day! The day is here – the day I change for good! Have you ever woken up to these thoughts? Or gone to sleep wishing that you’d wake up an overnight success story? No, me neither. Awkward. Okay, let me sing you a different tune… The only ones for me are the mad […]

heart of clouds

Let me be really honest with you,  as much as I would love to write something really upbeat and inspirational, there’s a grey cloud over my heart and all I really just want to talk about is how much the weather here sucks. You see there’s this jet stream thingy and because of the warming […]

2012 ….THIS is your life!!

What a year! We have survived the apocalypse and come out on the other side. World politics and global finance is still on the boil but hasn’t yet bubbled over. And we are hoping that the world is becoming a better place for you and for me. But before 2012 fades to dusk and a new […]